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Do you want to create a feeling of harmony in your home? Do you want to decorate smart, stylish and environmentally conscious?

Our interior design store offers comfortable multifunctional furniture in the high quality certified natural materials.

With us, you will find beautiful durable longlife furniture in a minimalist style, stylish and practical solutions in EU design as well as handmade textilies and space-saving furniture.

Dare to be inspired! 

Note! The showroom is closed on December 24

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We are located at Burspråksvägen 6, Johanneshov, Stockholm

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Customers' choice

We know that for many people it can feel difficult to choose a furniture online.

For those of you who are looking for tips and advice, interior design solutions and inspiring ideas, we have written several blog posts with detailed information and expert tips on how to choose the right furniture, comfortable high-quality textiles and etc.

Enjoy our interior design blog and be inspired! 


Why do we specialize in eco-friendly and multifunctional furniture?

We have always had an interest in Japanese culture and the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, the Japanese harmonious lifestyle, Japanese minimalist and practical decor.

The biggest secret behind harmonious and minimalist interior design is that you decorate your home according to the principles of Zen culture: peace and quiet, harmony, respect for nature and functionality.

We follow this philosophy and choose durable longlife furniture from proven manufacturers, who care the nature and ecology and urge people to refrain from unnecessary furniture pieces and toxic materials with health and the environment in mind.

Functional high quality furniture and smart space-saving interior design solutions can help you build a real compact living! Smart furniture gives you the freedom to express your personality while avoiding unnecessary exhaustion.

Welcome to our world of harmony!